Great Hymn to Khnum

"God of the potter's wheel,
Who settled the land by his handiwork,
Who joins in secret, who builds soundly,
Who nourishes the nestlings by the breath if his mouth,
Who drenches the land with Nun.

He has fashioned gods and men,
He has formed flocks and herds,
He made birds as well as fishes,
He created bulls, engendered cows.

He knotted the flow of blood to the bones,
So the breath of life is within everything,
Bound semen with blood in the bones,
To knit the bones from the start.

He makes women give birth when the womb is ready,
So as to open the door as he wishes,
He soothes suffering by his will,
Relives throats, lets everyone breathe,
To give life to the young in the womb.

He made hair sprout and tresses grow,
Fastened the skin over the limbs,
He built the skull, formed the cheeks,
To furnish shape to the image.

He opened the eyes, hollowed the ears,
He made the body inhale air,
He formed the mouth for eating,
Made the gorge for swallowing.

He formed the tongue to speak,
The jaws to open, the gullet to drink,
The throat to swallow and spit.
The spine to give support,
The testicles to move,
The arm to act with vigor,
The rear to preform its task.

He made the gullet to devour,
The hands and fingers to do their work,
The heart to lead.

He made the loins to support the phallus in the act of begetting,
The frontal organs to consume things,
The rear to aerate the entrails,
Likewise to sit as ease,
And sustain the entrails at night.

He made the male member to beget,
The womb to conceive,
And increase generations in Egypt.

He made the shins to step,
The legs to tread,
Their bones to support all,
By the will of his heart."

Hymns of Khnum